Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Week 4--Hockey, SNOW, Pinewood Derby, and a little crafting.
So, guess what we did in week four? Yep, played some hockey! Outdoor pond hockey to be exact, in 20 degree weather. C-O-L-D. I had to give my mittens to Ben to wear under his hockey gloves. I still like the pond hockey games, and will miss them when the boys move up to squirt. Older kids lift the puck too much and have to play on bigger ice with a net. This is Ben's last year on the pond--Daniel has two more before he ages out. We also had Pinewood Derby this week. Both boys' cars were way under the weight limit, so they didn't win. Partially my fault--I decided that if they didn't want to work on the car WITH me, I wasn't going to do it without them. I knew they were light and could have put weights on but they weren't helping, so... Bad mom ALSO didn't even bother to GO to the Pinewood Derby--went scrapbooking instead. They'll probably be scarred for life. But at least I'll feel guilty! I also did manage a little crafting this week: finished these little fat book pages for a quilted page swap. Pattern is friendship heart. They're fiddly and need precision cutting. Paper is not as forgiving a quilting medium as fabric. But they turned out pretty. I look forward to getting the finished squares to make my sampler. And Finally, SNOW. Not much for us--about 2 inches, but it was enough for a snow day from school and a little sledding. Mom fell down on the ice and tweaked her knee, but I'll live. I wish I were brave enough to sled down the hill too--but I fear death and broken bones. No such fears for the boys!


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