Tuesday, January 13, 2009

365 week 2

Well, I missed a day already--not so good! I thought I had taken pictures every day, but can't find any for Friday the 9th, so I either dropped the ball or my camera date got screwy. Honestly I can't remember! Everyone has been sort of sick the past few days and life just got away.

Monday--two pictures: Ben at the woodshop making his pinewood derby car and all the boys playing over. Why sit on the couch when you can hide behind it and/or sit on top? Using it as designed is just BORING!

Tuesday--annoying Roran cat being annoying. He doesn't like his food. He protests loudly. And then jumps on me in the middle of the night to protest...

Wednesday--finally got some crafting done. These are out of the box for me--ATCs for a Valentine's day letter swap. My letters were L (Love Lips) and N (Naughty). The Naughty guy stamp cracks me up!

Thursday--Ben had a program at school (Mexico night). Very boring for little brother. Good thing dad has such strong shoulders...

Friday--Who knows?

Sat--Hockey again. Two pics--Daniel being crazy at Ben's away game (so boring for little brothers) and Daniel pouding his goalie stick in frustration. Daniel's game was much longer than usual (80 minutes instead of 60) and the team he was playing against had some very good players. He made some awesome saves, but a lot of rebounds went in. He held it together well for about an hour, but those last 20 minutes were VERY frustrating for him. He still came back to the game and ended happy. I'm so thankful that kid can shake things off and keep his spirits up!

Sun--look, Hockey again! We had 4 ice times in 2 days--Ben had 2 travel games, they had one game together and they had pick-ups early Sunday. Daniel wanted to play goalie at pickups even though he hadn't dressed out as a goalie. Didn't matter to him...

So, that's another week down! Hoping this one will bring healthy kids and a clean house! (Where are those maid fairies when you need them?)


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