Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not just Squirrels, FLYING Squirrels...

So, we're having a terrible year for nuts in the east--there are no acorns, no hickory nuts, no tree nuts. Scientists aren't exactly sure why, but the lack of nuts means squirrels and chipmonks and other small critters are starving to death in droves which will mess up the food chain (i.e. things that eat those thing will starve etc.)

So, kind hearted woman that I am, I've been feeding the squirrels. You should see the cute little tree rats swarming all over the corn cobs and block feed I put in the woods.

So HOW do the darlings repay me? I have SQUIRRELS in my ATTIC.
And, just 'cause I'm special, do I have NORMAL squirrels in my attic? NO, I have FLYING Squirrels in my attic. if only they weren't so cute...They ran the squirrel olympics there from 2-4 this morning and kept waking me up. And now I have to seal up the entrances and also trap anyone who might be hanging out in the nice warm blown insulation.



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