Sunday, January 04, 2009

Project 365--week one

Trying the project 365 this year. Hoping it will both get me using my camera again and doing some regular blogging.

First picture is minutes after the ball drop--annual New Year's party at our friends' house. For once I gave the camera to someone else so I could be in the picture. Don't love the double chins, but it's nice to have one of me and the boys for a change. And everyone was HAPPY, which is a big plus!

Jan. 2, after dinner. Don is multi-tasking: trying to finish his cheesecake dessert and acting as playground for the boys. They're using him as a jungle gym and throwing themselves around his leg like it's a pommel horse or parallel bars. It's good to have a strong dad...

Jan. 3--sweet Saffy cat. I think she's almost blind out of her left eye now (note the reflective difference from the flash). One thing about her going blind is that she both keeps closer to home now and has become much more affectionate. Last night she even crawled under the covers with me in bed--a first!

Jan. 4--Emo Boy Ben. Let Ben have a sleepover with friends last night--last big fling before back to school tomorrow. BIG MISTAKE! They SAID they were in bed by 930, but that kid is SERIOUSLY short on sleep today, and by 12 noon has already had several MAJOR meltdowns and even got sent to his room. Note to self: NO MORE SLEEPOVERS!


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